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40 days of prayer across Bexley on the CRiBS 3:16 bus.

Planned by TBB & CRiBS in partnership

Between Easter and Pentecost 2015

Planning is in process, ensure your church knows about this project by contacting

TBB at info@transformbexleyborough.com or Fiona@cribsonline.org


Bexley is one of 10 London Boroughs and many other local authorities across the UK whose Faith Groups including churches and Christian ministries are taking part in a Faith Action Audit.

By reporting what Community Work is being undertaken by faith groups across the country, local authorities and central government will have a clear idea just how much is being contributed by the voluntary sector motivated by faith.  It will also help the churches to know what we are doing.

Each church is being asked to nominate who their representative will be to complete the online questionnaire, which will take approximately 15 minutes. To register your church to take part, click here.