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The TBB resource pages are a valuable tool for finding out more about community and social services available within the borough. From drug and alcohol identification and intervention information to council services, Neighbourhood Watch or counselling, please avail yourself of the details and information provided. If you know about a useful service you think we should include, please Email Us.

Bexley Talk – Have Your Say

About us…well actually, it’s not, it’s about you

We believe that everyone should have a say in how their world works. This website is not about us – it’s “people powered”- your time, energy and ideas will make this great, not ours (although we’re willing to do our fair share too). We’ve partnered up with local authorities and decision makers so that you can have a greater say in what happens in your area. it was founded by a group of researchers, community mobilisers and web-developers who believe in:

  * Positive change – simple
  * Collaboration – great things happen when people work together
  * Transparency – you will know why we do things

It aims to bring people together to discuss the issues that matter, generate ideas and find solutions that will help create change in your community. We have recently launched and will be in constant development over the coming months and as we continue to improve and change your feedback is immensely valuable. It is an adventure in social change. We have partnered with local authorities and decision makers to support you to have a greater say in what happens in your area. We need your help to make this happen.

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