Frequently Asked Questions about Drug and/or Alcohol Intervention

I think my child/spouse/friend/family member is using drugs, what do I do now?
If you think a loved one or friend may be using or abusing drugs or alcohol, familiarise yourself with the previous pages on this site. Contact some of the resources mentioned, such as FRANK or Narcotics Anonymous, who will be better able to help you evaluate the situation and depending on the outcome, recommend the most suitable course of action. Be aware that a user may not always tell the truth about their substance use or misuse so a simple denial on their part may not be the end of the story.

My child/spouse/friend/family member has confided that they have a drug/alcohol use problem. What happens now?
If your loved one is OVER 18:

Admitting they have a problem is crucial in the recovery process. There are many options available to individuals who want to change their lifestyle and patterns of behaviour to eliminate dependence on drugs or alcohol. Encourage your loved one to contact one of the various drug and alcohol support programs available in the borough. Those seeking help are able to “self refer”, by contacting the programs directly; alternatively, they may ask to be referred via their GP, Probation Officer, Housing officer, keyworker or Social Worker.

If your loved one is UNDER 18:
Advice, support and treatment of substance abuse in minors is offered by Bexley Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Contact them on 020 8836 6418 or (select “How to get help”). Referrals must be made by a professional such as your GP.

What kinds of services are available for those needing drug advice or support (for over 18’s)?
Depending on the kind of support needed, “residential rehabilitation” or a “day program” which can be attended on a daily basis, may be recommended. Users can also join a variety of support groups such as Al Anon, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous which do not have trained counsellors but offer support and advice from those who have previously been dependent on drugs and/or alcohol themselves. Often a combination of approaches is helpful.

My loved one doesn’t want to leave his/her family, what are their options?
The Bexley Day Program is a structured group work program but is not residential, so individuals can continue to live in their usual home, attending the required sessions on a daily basis.

How often do you have to attend?
Attendance is required for two full days per week, with an individual session on a third day. The program runs for twelve weeks.

How do you join a Day Program?
You may self-refer to the Day Program, by telephone or fax. It is advisable to contact the Bexley Day Program Team first, in order to be sure the program is suitable for you and if so, to obtain a copy of the referral form. Call on: 020 8294 6535 or 020 8294 6540 or 020 8294 6580

What does counselling cost?
Services provided by the DIP teams, as well as advice or information offered by the Bexley Drug and Alcohol Management team, is free of charge. However, residential programs are not free and the costs must be met by the user. If the user is currently on Job Seekers Allowance or claiming other benefits, then the council are able to use these benefits to offset against the costs and will meet the remaining fees. Other candidates are assessed by means testing and applicable costs depend on personal circumstances. It is always worth discussing all the options with the Bexley Drug and Alcohol Management Team who will be able to work with you to put together a package suitable for your needs, financial and other.

How do I contact the The Drug and Alcohol Care Management Team?
The office is open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. An answer phone operates at other times. The address is:
298 Broadway
Tel: 020 8294 6686
Fax: 020 8303 1291

The police have become involved and my loved one is now in touch with a member of the DIP team, who are they?
The Bexley Drug Intervention Programme Team, or DIP Team offer a specialist service for people who are currently involved with the Criminal Justice System, and have substance misuse issues. Often users will be introduced to a DIP member while in custody.

How can DIP help?
DIP workers offer advice, information and support regarding your drug use. If you want DIP to help you, an allocated key worker will give you one-to-one attention. He/she will act independently and talk to other agencies or services on your behalf.

What can DIP workers offer?
DIP workers have a varied role but among other things can offer rapid access for prescribing an opiate substitute, referral to a structured day programme or access to assessment for residential or community drug treatment centres.

Quick Reference Details

Bexley Drug and Alcohol Care Management Team

298 Broadway
Tel: 020 8294 6686
Fax: 020 8303 1291

DIP Team

298 Broadway
Tel: 020 8294 6780 or 020 8294 6792
Out of hours: 0800 954 8114


Help from the DIP or Bexley Drugs and Alcohol Care Management Team is only available to Bexley residents who are (in most cases) 18 or over and who are experiencing difficulties with the use of drugs and/or alcohol.