Christian Resources in Bexley Schools (CRiBS)

CRiBS was started by Gordon Raggett who, while running a local delicatessen business, visited primary schools in Bexleyheath to assist with teaching RE and leading collective worship. We now visit over 40 primary schools each academic year. We spend most of our time in schools. Our work fits within educational aims and legal requirements, by offering schools support in pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, a core educational aim alongside other competencies in subjects like Maths and English. We lead assemblies, and deliver a portfolio of specially prepared RE lessons covering all aspects of the Christian faith. We also run lunchtime and after-school clubs focusing on enabling young people to engage with their spiritual side, helping them to think through what that means in practice and encouraging them to explore the Christian faith and way of life. Every year the CRIBS Primary Team allocate a considerable amount of time and effort to writing, rehearsing and delivering drama productions in local schools. These Christmas and Easter presentations have become fixed dates in many school calendars. The staff enjoy them, the children love them and we thrive on them too! They allow us to store the story of Jesus in the memory banks of thousands of children. We regularly meet young people (and now some adults) who tell us about the productions they witnessed many years previously. Visit our website at